Investment in overseas markets

CSD investors can invest in overseas markets through the platform.

Payment Utility

With the analysis of investor’s information whilst making a profit from CFD trading, we can conclude that the investor has a certain level of disposable income, possesses an international market perspective and preferences for risks. From this data analysis, we can introduce CSD token as a payment utility for business trips, hotel accommodation, casino and purchase of luxury products or extreme sports tickets, etc. We can also incorporate bonus or points system to encourage users’ adoption of token payment system.

Trading in Secondary Markets

The price of CSD will increase with the ability to invest in overseas market and adoption of CSD token as a payment utility. Market players who believe in the CSD business model can acquire more CSD in the secondary trading markets to achieve optimal allocation of capital assets.



CSD Blockchain Malaysia


Step 1: Investors can acquire CSD tokens with fiat currencies or via digital currency exchanges or during ICO.

Step 2: Transfer CSD onto CFD trading platform, place a trade order for a CFD product. The platform will execute the trade order with the trader using corresponding USDT capital pool.


Step 1: Investors instruct CFD trading platform and the corresponding USDT will be converted into CSD and returned to investors.

Step 2: Investors can either continue to hold CSD or withdraw in fiat currency through digital currency exchanges.